Building a house, renovating or converting apartments may sometimes seem more like a survival race than making your dreams come true. How to plan this investment, to avoid a flop? Take care of the concept, and... leave the rest in good hands. How can you tell which ones are good? Experience. GROS TRADING has been completing construction projects for 20 years, most which were located around Stockholm, but also on surrounding islands. Over these years we've been completing housing and public utility investments. In our work we rely on proven machinery, durable raw materials, but most of all – on people. We employ a comprehensive group of professionals such as: carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, painters, decorators, welders, site managers, that approach their tasks with open mind. Our men guarantee comprehensive investment service and accurate implementation at every stage.

The offer of GROS TRADING includes:

  • Interior and façade renovations,
  • Conversions and expansions,
  • Construction of houses and public utility buildings,
  • Renovations of storage and industrial areas,
  • demolitions.

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Björnbodavagen 21 A 16244 Vällingby
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20 years of experience

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